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Almost two years after the launch of the new generic domains, let's find out from among those that have become registrable, what the most requested extensions have been up to now. This Internet domain extension program, initiated by ICANN, will eventually feature about 800 new extensions, all presented with the aim of ... Read more

Good news for wineries, wine cellars and wine enthusiasts: it is finally possible to register the new .wine and .vin domains, to create a recognizable and trustworthy space on the net and to offer better security and guarantee to the users that visit Internet sites of this type. .Wine and .vin domains ... Read more

Beginning Novembre 16, anyone will be able to register a top level .pro domain! Since 2002, the registration of a .pro domain has always been reserved for professionals, and the applicant had to be a licensed subject or have authorization issued by a state certification body or authorized by the government of ... Read more

Today, there will be an expansion of the services included in all Standard mailboxes, which will make them more complete, simple and secure; furthermore, these improvements will resolve various mobility problems for users. SMTP service for outgoing mail The most important upgrade has to do with the addition of the custom SMTP service ... Read more

Over the past few weeks, we have made several upgrades to email servers, enabling us to improve the management and blocking of unwanted emails, viruses or spam for all our customers who use standard mailboxes. Also, we have decided to open access to quarantine management to allow our customers to "educate" the ... Read more

Dominiando has been working hard over the past few months on the organization and management of email messaging, and now it is completely revamped! Today we are publishing the first of these great new changes that will  boost our potential and upgrade your experience as you use our services. Today we present ... Read more

Choose from among all the new generic domains already released or about to be, registering the one that best suits your needs and communicates the content of your site in advance! Are you a lawyer? Choose a .law, .lawyer, .legal or .abogado domain. Do you have a premises that serves food and beverage? ... Read more

The transfer rules simplified for Austrian .at domains! In fact, from September 29, 2015, you can transfer a .at domain just by providing the authorization code (auth-code), to be requested from the current domain provider, similar to current transfer procedure for many other extensions. This procedure is simpler than the one adopted ... Read more

Register a .srl domain for your company right away. Check its availability now, so you don't risk it being taken from you! Registering your .srl domain is the best choice to identify your business on the net, with a specific and custom domain that can distinguish it from among the millions of ... Read more

The new .online domains nowadays are registrable by anyone without any restrictions. And as expected, from the very first day of its opening to the public, there has been a record boom of registrations! Moreover, it is one of the best new generic domains that have just been released, ideal for ... Read more

The new sex domains have finally become registrable, starting today,  Tuesday September 1, 2015. Designed for the global adult entertainment industry, the new .sex domains will be complementing the .xxx, .adult and .porn domains, already active and functioning on the Web. And just as it was for these domains, the launch ... Read more

The Croatian Registry has released new registration rules for .hr domains. The most important change has to do with the maximum number of .hr domains allowed and therefore registrable by each applicant. From now on, in fact, any company based in the European Union, or a Croatian business or private individual, can ... Read more

Finally the new .site domains are registrable by anyone without any particular requirements. From now on, private individuals, as well as companies and businesses, will be able to choose a .site domain to identify themselves on the net, and thus characterize their site, services, activities, and products of all kinds, making ... Read more

The Somalian Registry has released new registration rules for .so domains. Applicants for Somalian .so domains must satisfy a relationship requirement, meaning they must have a connection with Somalia in good faith. This requirement must remain satisfied throughout the domain registration period and the Somalian Registry, at its own discretion, may at ... Read more

Look for new destinations online, read reviews and comments, browse through millions of photos, buy airline tickets, book hotels, and plan visits and tours: nowadays, we increasingly organize our travels on our own, doing everything by ourselves. On the net, there are millions of websites, hotels, holiday homes, resorts, airlines and ... Read more


The new .online domain is ideal for those who carry out any type of business activity and intend to create their own web space. It is distinguished, in fact, by its wide and vast usage: it can be used by private individuals or businesses, companies, authorities, associations, organizations, etc., to present ... Read more

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