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From help guides, to support wikis, from reviews to advice: there are many new generic domains to respond online to requests for help and give explanations or advice. So here are the new .guide, .help, .wiki, .support, .review, .tips domains, and many more. These new generic domains are part of a much broader ... Read more

Identifying online the legal sector of your company or your professional studio has never been so easy with the new domains related to the legal field: .law, .lawyer, .legal, .attorney e .associates! The launch program of the new generic domains, in fact, sees the activation of many new domains belonging to different ... Read more

The new .click domains are finally available to be registered by anyone and without any restrictions. Register one, too. The benefits will be numerous! Do you want some examples? The .click domains are easy to remember so your site will be more easily reachable by users and customers. This is because "click" is ... Read more

The new .adult and .porn domains are soon to be released and will be able to be registered starting June 4, 2015. Their market launch is part of a broader program of the new generic domains that over time are becoming active and available for registration by anyone. Mainly dedicated to an adult audience, these two new domains, together with ... Read more

Finally available, the new .nyc top level domains, the official domain of the Big Apple! After the large cities of Berlin and London, with their .berlin and .london domains, already have had record numbers of registrations, New York can also benefit from it very own domain, the .nyc domain, to identify online any activity, event or attraction that has ... Read more

349 blocked .se domain names have been auctioned since 2003, when the registration of .se domains became available to everyone. Blocked .se domain names are codes and country names, such as it.se and hr.se, thailand.se and spanien.se, and will be sold at auction in lots through the Swedish Tradera platform. The period in which these actions ... Read more

Identify your business with the new commercial domains: there are the .gratis, .shop, .store domains and many others! They will help you to identify your online business better, as well as discounts, offers and promotions! The aim of these domains is to grab the attention of the users and provide them with an anticipation of what they will ... Read more

We are pleased to announce that you can finally also register .tg domains with Dominiando! .tg is the official extension of the Togolese Republic, or Togo, a state of West Africa, and is ideal for all websites that have to do with the reality of this country, or would like to build a strong and stable online ... Read more

The new .website domains, recently opened to the public and registrable by everyone without any particular requirement, represent a valid alternative to the more classic generic extensions, already widespread, like .com, .net and .org. This new extension will therefore contribute to expanding the choice of registrable domains, increasing the competitiveness among Internet users. However, while there will be an ... Read more

The opening of the .uk second level domains to the public is recent news and is a new revolution in the sphere of domains in the anglo saxon world! Recently in fact, another very interesting and appealing extension has been released: the .london domain, which is part of the broader launch program of new generic domains! This means that companies, ... Read more

Following the possibility of directly registering a second level .id domain (from August 17, 2014), the Indonesian domain Registry has announced that starting September 2, 2014, it will be possible to register premium second level .id domains, consisting of 2, 3 or 4 characters. These domains will, however, only be registrable for a limited ... Read more

Starting at 13:00 local time (02:00 in Italy) on September 30, 2014 you will be able to register a .nz domain in New Zealand directly at the second level! You will also be able to reserve a domain name for 2 years provided that the same name has a "preferential right" to ... Read more

The ICANN Internet domain expansion program calls for all new generic domains to go through periods, e.g. the Sunrise and the Landrush phases, where they are reserved for certain categories of users before becoming registrable by everyone. Only after these periods will the new extensions be freely sold to the public, however each Registry may decide whether or not to ... Read more

As part of the new domain expansion program established by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), there are over 800 new extensions that will become active. Every month, in fact, many new generic domains become registrable and pass through specific launch phases that mark their release. In particular, the launch process ... Read more

We are now at the height of the Internet revolution and the generic domain expansion program!   Every month, in fact, many new extensions enter the Go Live phase, so they can be sold freely to the public. Before arriving to the free registration, however, it is necessary to respect some specific launch phases ... Read more

As part of the launch program for new generic domains established by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), among the more than 800 new Internet extensions to be launched, some will be "customised" for cities, regions and countries! Yes! Businesses and companies will finally be able to benefit from new "territorial" domains to better promote their ... Read more

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