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From 6 December anyone can register a .XXX domain dedicated to an adult public. This new extension has caused a great stir on the net, which is not surprising given the theme to which these domains are explicitly dedicated; after all, the porn world still attracts a significant part of web surfers and ... Read more

Dominiando in collaboration with EURID, the official register of .EU domains, participates in the competition, "win an IPAD 2 with a .EU domain", thanks to which anyone who registers a .EU domain, from today until December 25th 2011, will win an Apple IPAD 2. How does the competition work? It's simple. For ... Read more

Given the delays in communicating the PEC certified email address to the company register, the Ministry of Economic Development postponed the deadline for a month, giving until 31 December 2011 for communication. On Friday, November 25, circular No. 0224402 came out, which established that there will be no sanctions for those who will communicate ... Read more

Please note that from 7 November 2011 the domain management policies have changed:  .AF .CX .GS .GY .HT .KI .MS .NF .SB the domain applicant will receive an email from the registry in which he must confirm the activation of the domain by clicking on a link and explicitly accepting the Registry Terms of Service. If this operation is not carried out ... Read more

Decree-Law 185 of 11/29/2008 provides that businesses set up in company form must necessarily provide a Certified EmailBox (PEC) and communicate it to the company register by 29/11/2011. So there are just a few days to get things in order, so Dominiando is continuing with its PROMOTION for the activation of new certified emails. What ... Read more

Catalonia is a region of Spain that has its own linguistic and cultural identity that is so strong that it even wants political independence from Spain. In this climate the Fundaciò PuntoCAT has requested and obtained from the ICANN the use of the reserved .CAT domain. This extension is in fact reserved for anyone ... Read more

From 6 December 2011 it will be possible to register a .FR French domain if you are a resident in the European community, be it a private individual or a company. This decision was taken by the French domain registry, AFNIC, of which Dominiando is an official registrar, in order to broaden the use of ... Read more

Russian domains are continuously growing and have recently passed the figure of 3,500,000 registered domains. This figure is destined to grow considerably, also because the .rf domains in Cyrillic characters (900,000 registered domains), around for a few years now, have been joined by the .com.ru domains that were released a few days ago and are  destined ... Read more

Despite the criticisms that have been raised about this new and controversial extension, requests for .xxx domains in the Sunrise phase have been numerous, even though the need to protect one's name has been more frequently the motivation, rather than the actually usage of the domain. The next important dates for the ... Read more

All companies must communicated to the Company Register that they have a certified email box (PEC) by November 29. Dominiando, meets you have way by extending the promotion at the low cost of 25 euros for PEC activation until the end of November. To make the purchase order, if you already have an active domain with ... Read more

On November 17th there will be a change to the registration rules for .PRO domains, making them less restrictive than in the past. In particular, whereas before it was necessary to be enrolled in a specific professional register in order to be among those who could register a .pro domain, today the interpretation ... Read more

Before October 24th it will be possible to book the new .com.ru domains at a higher cost before they are opened up, and therefore registrable by everyone. From October 25th, in fact, it will be possible to register them normally, as now happens for the other domains related to Russia .ru, .rf and ... Read more

October is the shopping month for .EU domains; Dominiando allows you to register at a truly exceptional price with a discount of over 70% for the first year of registration! Hurry up and register your .EU domains for just 4.99 euros!!! To register them immediately, follow the online purchase wizard and consider that the offer ... Read more

Have you already obtained your PEC box? In fact, by the end of November, all the companies must mandatorily have a certified email address (PEC) which has among its special characteristics, the fact that it is equivalent to a registered letter. For the entire month of October, Dominiando offers you the possibility of ... Read more


From 4 September it is possible to freely register .QA Qatar domains The second level .QA domains have no restrictions except for names reserved by the authority, as happens with all extensions. Registration takes place on average in 3 days as there is still a control by the authority on the verification of ... Read more

On September 7th, registration procedures for the first .xxx domains began using the Sunrise procedure used by almost every new domain extension that appears on the market. In particular, these domains are specifically targeted to an adult public and consequently also the release procedures privilege the sector operators even if they also ... Read more

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