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At the 39th International ICANN Meeting, Afilias announced that it was selected by dotHOTEL® as Registry and DNS manager. .HOTEL is a new extension sponsored by the International Hotel and Restaurant Association (IH & RA), the world's largest trade association. dotHotel® will apply for the new .HOTEL extension as soon as ICANN begins to accept ... Read more

The domain authority .TRAVEL will issue PREMIUM domains of 1 and 2 characters. The first phase will be from 1 December to 31 December 2010 and the Registry will accept proposals for the registration of these domain names. The list of .travel domains is published here Those wishing to participate must carefully read rules for ... Read more


Nominet, the .UK domain authority with which Dominiando is accredited (TAG: DOMINIANDO-IT), will release a certain number of previously reserved domains of 1 and 2 characters. The list of reserved domains is shown here. The release and registration rules are published here. Launch process in parts Sunrise for holders of rights: from 1 December 2010 to ... Read more

A new Sunrise period starts for the .GR.COM domains Recall that this type of extension is a private extension that we call Unofficial generic Second Level Domain. There are many others of the same type: ar.com; br.com; cn.com; de.com; eu.com; gb.com; gr.com; hu.com; jpn.com; kr.com; no.com; qc.com; ru.com; sa.com; se.com; uk.com; us.com; uy.com; za.com; Here ... Read more

Remember that it is possible to register IDN domains in the Austrian .AT extension The list of permitted characters is as follows: hex: 00E4 ä dec: 228 hex: 00FC ü dec: 252 hex: 00F6 ö dec: 246 hex: 00EB ë dec: 235 hex: 00E0 à dec: 224 hex: 00E1 á dec: 225 hex: 00E2 â dec: 226 hex: 00E8 è dec: 232 hex: 00E9 é dec: 233 hex: 00EA ê dec: 234 hex: 00EC ì dec: 236 hex: 00ED í dec: 237 hex: 00EE î dec: 238 hex: 00EF ï dec: 239 hex: 00F2 ò dec: 242 hex: 00F3 ó dec: 243 hex: 00F4 ô dec: 244 hex: 00F9 ù dec: 249 hex: 00FA ú dec: 250 hex: 00FB û dec: 251 hex: 00FD ý dec: 253 hex: 00FF ÿ dec: 255 hex: 00E3 ã dec: 227 hex: 00E5 å dec: 229 hex: 00E6 æ dec: 230 hex: 00E7 ç dec: 231 hex: 00F0 ð dec: 240 hex: 00F1 ñ dec: 241 hex: 00F5 õ dec: 245 hex: 00F8 ø dec: 248 hex: 153 œ dec: 339 hex: 161 š dec: 353 hex: 00FE þ dec: 254 hex: 017E ž dec: 382     Unlike the .DE IDN domains, the Austrian authority has temporarily excluded the "ß" "ss" character from the .AT IDN domains (see Austrian Authority) Read more

We are pleased to announce that due to the high request for participation in the Sunrise of Somalian .SO domains, the authority has granted a lengthening of the Sunrise period until 31/12/2010. Dominiando is an Accredited Registrar at the .SO Registry Click for information on the .SO Sunrise  Click to view the Somali domains Read more

From today it is possible for everyone to register .RF domains (.??) We inform you that for the first year applicants for a .RF (.??) domain that do not live in Russia will have formal limitations (which however do not affect the functionality of the Russian Cyrillic domain). These limitations will be in ... Read more

Until 6 December 2010 the holders of a .com.sa domain can request the same second level .SA domain name. The requirements for registration are the same and therefore either the presence in the country with a company legally established in Saudi Arabia, or the ownership of a registered trademark valid in Saudi ... Read more

The registration rules of Tunisian .TN/.com.TN domains have been relaxed. From today anyone can request a domain in Tunisia. If the domain name coincides with the name of the applicant this greatly simplifies the procedure. If the name of the domain is different from the name of the applicant, it is necessary to produce ... Read more

ClearingHouse for Intellectual Property (CHIP) The CHIP (http://www.ipclearinghouse.net/) is a body whose objective is to entrust to an independent validating body the validation process of the trademarks, on which participations are based on the various Sunrise periods, and to assign a "Preverification Code". Dominiando has completed the procedures to register with the CHIP ... Read more

Two million .it domains: registrations of the Italia, domains double in five years, placing this internet suffix in fifth place in Europe and ninth in the world. The two millionth web address connected to this "Italian license plate" that was activated by the .it Registry - the structure managed by the ... Read more

In recent weeks the Chinese CNNIC authority is sending emails to ALL .CN domain owners for verification of the domain name's header data.The sender of the email is reminder@cnnic.cn and the subject of the message is "Domain Name Information Confirmation".Within the message are summarized the data of the holder and there is a ... Read more

Attenzione, this news has been updated with he following: New .it IDN domains in preorder. Put the accent on your domain!   The tests for the Accredited Registrars have started at Registro.it for the .IT Internationalised (IDN) Domains Indicatively from the month of January 2011 it will be possible to register Italian idn domains with different ... Read more

Finally, after many years, the .SO extension identifying Somalia opens up. As usual, for the opening of new extensions there will be a Sunrise phase that will start on November 1st 2010. The available Somalian domains will be: .so, .com.so, .net.so, .org.so The .SO Somali ccTLD will be free to register just like a .com. TIMESHEET OPENING: SUNRISE PERIOD: from 1/11/2010 ... Read more

After the .co Sunrise, from today 1 July 2010, public registrations will start (go live) for the Colombian .CO extension There are no special requirements for registering a Colombian .CO domain  Click here for more information on Colombian domains Read more

For certain types of domains, the renewal procedure must be done before the time anticipated for normal domains, and the domain's renewal date, which is the same as the expiration date, should be respected so that the renewal procedure can be performed without any complications. The reason for this particular method ... Read more

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